Browser capability detection in ASP.NET 2.0+

Jun 18, 2009 at 6:24 PM

Browser detection is important from both end-user and developer prospective. Web-based "thin client" applications are essentially Platform/OS independent as the browsers gradually became a type of surrogate or “virtual” OS for that type of applications.

The differences between browsers, rooted in either branding or versioning, could cause some Web applications to run incorrectly if the compatibility requirements were not met. In this regards it would be rather useful to implement a simple browser-detection user control in ASP.NET applications, providing core browser properties (or capabilities). The project demonstrates a simple implementation of server-side browser detection in ASP.NET 2.0+, written in C# with just a little of client-side Java scripting, added for better responsiveness and interactivity.

Working project demo is available at: . Refer to the button control named “Check your Browser” located at the Home page central panel.